Quality Policy
We care about the quality of our work

SDC SRL commits to the highest standard of quality, adopting the Quality Management System based in the Norm ISO 9001:2015 for all processes involved in software engineering, in order to improve the client´s competitivity, fully satisfy the client´s requirements, strengthen its national market share and enable its activity or participation in the international market. Management considers the above policy an integral element to business and discloses the following standards:

Provide zero defect product design

Meet the deadlines agreed upon with the customer

Meet the applicable requirements and legal

Continuously improve of Quality Management System processes

Use Open Source Technology

Train all personnel to be attuned to the client´s needs , the state-of-the-art technology and their integration

Translate client's needs and expectations into solutions that add value

Identify internal and external factors corresponding to the context in which the company performs, in order to take advantage of the opportunities and mitigate the risk that could affect the Quality Management System

Identify and quantify those risks that prevent us from established goals.

Revision: 0.3
Date: February 21th, 2018
Scope: Design, Development and Integration of customized software, consulting in software engineering and biometric solutions applied to bank, industry, tourism and public administration sectors.


BUREAU VERITAS Certification.

Certificado Número: AR-O236522
From April 05th, 2018
to April 12th, 2021


BUREAU VERITAS Certification.

Certificate Number: AR-O234472
From April 13th, 2015
to April 12th, 2018


BUREAU VERITAS Certification.

Certificate Number: AR-O232459
From April 13th, 2012
to April 12th, 2015


BUREAU VERITAS Certification.

Certificate Number: AR-230520
From March 12th, 2009
to March 11th, 2012